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Residential Roofing

Roofing Services

At Keith Stern Roofing, we specialize in a range of roofing services to accommodate your residential roofing needs. Utilizing cost-effective solutions and the most viable roofing materials and techniques on the market, we bring homeowners peace of mind and customer satisfaction when they choose us as their roofer. From roofing repairs to weatherizing your home with gutter installations and flashing services, we have you covered!

roofing repairs


If your roof has experienced storm damage or has simply seen better days, we're here to help! With years of experience, there's no job too big or small for us! Don’t take chances with inferior roofing companies, instead call us! From restoring rotten wood to patching leaks and replacing missing shingles, leave it to the experts at Keith Stern Roofing!

re-roof installation

Re-roof installation

Reroofing provides a more affordable option for homeowners in need of a new roof. If you're unfamiliar with this technique, it's a process that involves layering one set of shingles over a set of existing shingles. Essentially, you get a new roof without the labor of a full-tear off which cuts down on time and expense. As a specialty service we provide, you can be confident in the results!


Gutters & downspouts

Gutters and downspouts play a surprisingly important role in your home's functionality. In fact, they go hand-in-hand with how your roof performs. Their job includes collecting excess water and debris that fall on your roof so if you're overdue for new gutters or require downspout repairs, it's crucial you have them evaluated.

waterproofing a roof

Flashing & Waterproofing

At Keith Stern Roofing we offer qualified flashing and waterproofing services to secure your roofing structure. Roof flashing acts as a sealant between the joints in your roof that in turn, helps to prevent leaks. With a similar objective, waterproofing refers to a few techniques to safeguard your roof which include flashing, installing sealant systems and coatings and more!

chimney repairs


As roofers we can tackle any issue pertaining to your roof which includes repairing and maintaining your chimney. As a structure that generates airflow to fuel those cozy fires, chimneys require routine upkeep and attention from time to time. From damaged mortar to cracked crowns, our specialists can repair your chimney with efficiency and ease.


Ventilation& Skylights

Part of what we do here at Keith Stern Roofing is incorporate all the necessary and specialty elements for your roof. For instance, we take care to install proper ventilation systems for your roof but we can also dazzle your residence with unique features like skylights! Call our roofing experts today at to learn more about what we can do for your roof at (904) 272-0244!

Residential Roofing

Roofing types

There are endless types of roofing materials to consider when having your roof replaced or repaired. Two roofing types we stand behind include shingle and flat roofing. These roofing types possess unique properties and aesthetic characteristics that many homeowners can benefit from. After all, replacing the roof on your home is an important investment. You want a roof that looks great, but most importantly, one that will keep your family and belongings safe from Florida’s intense weather. Keith Stern’s quality installation will give you both.

If you're unsure as to which roofing material would be ideal for your home, please take a moment to explore our roofing options below. For more insight, call us today at (904) 272-0244.

shingle roof

ShinglE Roofing

Shingle roofs are among the most popular of roofing types on the market today. And for good reason. Attractive in appearance and highly resilient to weather elements, asphalt roofing shingles are cost-effective, durable and easy to maintain which is why they are such a popular choice among home and business owners alike.

flat roof

Flat Roofing

Flat roofs are a non-traditional option for many homeowners. Unlike sloped or pitched-roofs, flat roofs do require a bit more maintenance since they cannot expel rain and other elements as easily. But even still, there are numerous benefits to having a flat roof. Flat roofs are typically cheaper, easier to install and far easier to inspect for leaks and damages!

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