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Mrs. in Fleming Island, FL *****
I contacted Keith Stern Roofing because I had a friend who had her roof done and recommended the company to me. I did contact Keith Stern Roofing and agreed with my friend that this company was super responsible and everything went like clockwork. The work was excellent and I would recommend to anyone needing a new roof to contact Keith Stern.
Mona in Middleburg, FL *****
Needed emergency repair from having tree limb through roof and heavy rain expected later that day. Keith came out within 2 hours and removed limb, cut it and took it to curb, and put on a water tight temporary patch! Saved me $$$hundreds of dollars in water damage. Highly recommend!
Jose in Orange Park, FL *****
I had my carport roof re-done, not the biggest project, then a few days later a bad storm swept trough, a branch came down and pierces the roof of the house. While I was outside looking at it, Mr. Stern drove in (he was checking on all his customers) he climbed up and patched the whole. I was impressed beyond words.
Frederick in Fleming Island, FL *****
Stern Roofing replaced our roofing 9 years ago. We were particularly interested in a roof that would not soil due to the pine trees in the area. Keith insisted his roof would not soil. Our previous roof required occasional cleaning. Thankfully, a hail storm came to our rescue and we had the opportunity to replace the roof and chose Keith after a thorough survey of available contractors. Now 9 years later, the roof looks the same as on the day after installation. Recently, we encountered a roof issue not of Stern's doing, but Keith agreed to make the repair at no cost, well after any reasonable requirement to do so. Service well after the sale! Thanks a bunch Keith!
Jack in O.P., FL *****
Stern Roofing replaced our roofing 24 years ago. After the storm in Feb we needed repair which included the entire roof. Work again was timely and very professional and excellent.
Robert in Orange Park, FL *****
Recently had my roof replaced and experienced something that's becoming increasingly rare in this world: Great customer service. Keith and his guys are the pros. Excellent work at a fair price and left the job site totally clean. I wish all companies did it this way. Great job guys!
T in Orange Park, FL *****
Keith Stern replaced our roof approximately 15 years ago. His team was highly professional and worked efficiently. Flash forward to this year when we discovered a leak in our roof. One call to Keith Sterns and he and his crew quickly arrived, identified where the leak was and repaired it. He wouldn’t accept any payment for that. I can’t imagine any other company providing a repair 15 years after the original work was done! Use Keith Stern for your roofing needs—you won’t regret it!
Jack and Gloria in Orange Park, FL *****
We have owned our home for nearly 40 years and replaced our roof twice, both times by Keith Stern. This company and its dedicated crews are the moat coordinated, expert, attention to detail group I have ever seen. Our finished product is an example of the finest roofing replacement I have seen. If you are looking for a roofer, let me save you a lot of time and frustration. Call Keith! The price is totally apropriate, the quality is outstanding and his crew is courteious and proud of their work. So are we.
James in Middleburg, FL *****
Keith Stern and his crew did a fantastic job on my roof and gave me a professional quote. His crew and staff were very instrumental in making sure that I had the best experience. I would highly recommend Keith Stern and his crew to do your next roof! Thanks again!!
James in Middleburg, FL *****
Keith Stern was very responsive and showed up to inspect my roof and gave me a professional quote.
his crew did an outstanding job!!
his office staff are so helpful.
I recommend Keith Stern if you want top notch roofer!! Thanks again!
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